About Foster's

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We have been breeding apricot and black standard poodles since 1990.

We started with a black bitch from Carin and Roger Sandahlís kennel Twee-Dle-Dee. Her name was Spanish Pepper ( Frida ).



After a while we had one more bitch from the same kennel, Twee-Dle-Dee Julia Ceasar ( Emma ).



We used apricot stud males, for example Vicmarís Typically Tropical, Red Rascal Robin Hood and Rusch Min Ingvar Vittfarne.



Some other of our earlier dogs was Fosterís The One And Only ( Olga ).



Foster's The Sherwood Marion (Lessie)



and  Fosterís Lady in Black ( Sofie ).





To broaden the breeding base we have continued to use apricot and black stud males through the years.

Thanks to the advantaged of having good ďguardiansĒ we have been able to use a fair amount of dogs in our breeding and in this way we have achieved breadth in the breeding material. We would like to say a special thank you to all the people who have been ďguardiansĒ through the years, you are worth your weight in gold.

 Several dogs from the kennel have been successful in obedience training and agility, for example Fosterís Yellow Sunny Boy and Fosterís Bungalow Annie.

 We are breeding dogs with good temper in healthy bodies. If someone is successful in the show we become happy, but our most important goal is that the dog shall have a good and active life together with itís family.