Our imports from Australia 2004

In the year of 2004 Marita, owner of kennel Obladi, and I got the opportunity to buy two siblings from the same litter from kennel Litlebasi in Australia. The origin to this was that Tracy Peat, owner of kennel Shertonah, wanted to buy two dogs from us. Marita sold Obladis Fast Flame “Shanti” to Tracy and I sold Foster’s Swedish Boy “Jeddi” to Merrill van Eijk, owner of kennel Litlbasi.

We took the opportunity to bring home some “new blood” for our breeding before our Swedish and Finnish lines were mixed into the Australian lines. The dogs are named Litlbasi Eros and Litlbasi Lady Amber “Mira”. They have adjusted very well to a life on the other side of the globe and the long journey to Sweden doesn’t seem to have been any problem for them. Both Mira and Eros have a very good mentality. Of Eros we have shared ownership but of Mira I am the only owner.

Eros stays at Hanna Bengtsson, who is his “guardian”. She has her own homepage where one can read about their successes in all kinds of competitions: www.pudeltok.se Hanna is also a very good photographer so there are lots of nice pictures to look at.