Kennel Foster's celebrate 25 years breeding

 The 29;e januari 1990 the first litter was born

 sire: Chatain Australian Made "Fosters"

 dame: Twee-Dle Dee Spanish Pepper "Frida"



Because this was my and even Fosters first litter he gave his name to the kennel


The anniversary litter comes from a bitch line wich starts with Twee-Dle-Dee Julia Ceasar
Twee-Dle-Dee Julia Ceasar "Emma" Rusch Min Ingvar Vittfarne "Simon"

Foster's Dressed In Apricot "Kajsa"

Onyxis Yellow Submarine "Jocke"

Foster's Yellow Lightning "Tilda" Racketeer Man In Black "Mosart"
Foster's My Best Friend "Alice" Little Red Sunshine Satisfaction "Loke"

                               Foster's Frigg "Ebba"

Foster's Bungalow Kid "Teddy"
Foster's Ärtiga Märta "Märta" Foster's Chip "Chip"

        Foster's Purple Bean "Julia"                   

 Lincoln Von Der Herbordsburg "Lincoln"

The two bitch lines comes together because Bungalow Kid "Teddy" is grand-grandchild to Frida
"Frida":Spannish Pepper
 "Olga": The One And Only
"Foxi": Foster's Red Fox
"Teddy":Foster's Bumgalow Kid