Previous litters
2015-07-17 Pappiedax Happy Hera x Foster's Fire Fighter
Foster's Happy Celebration Arcturus
Foster's Happy Celebration Canopus
Foster's Happy Celebration Pollux
Foster's Happy Celebration Sirius
Foster's Happy Celebration Belatrix                    
2014-07-05 Foster's Purple Bean x Pappiedax Glorius Grejp
Foster's Purple Grape Aglianico
Foster's Purple Grape Barbera
Foster's Purple Grape Merlot
Foster's Purple Grape Shiraz
Foster's Purple Grape Taminga


2013-06- 02 Foster's Starmist x Foster's Black Diamond
Foster's Stjärnfall
Foster's Stjärnhimmel
Foster's Stjärnbild
Foster's Stjärnlycka
Foster's Stjärntecken
Foster's Stjärnjuvel
Foster's Stjärnprakt
Foster's Stjärnöga


2012-07-21 Foster's Amber-Diamond x Foster's Star Fighter
Foster's Duke-Amber
Foster's Earl-Amber
Foster's Lord-Amber
Foster's Baroness-Amber
Foster's Countess-Amber
Foster's Duchess-Amber
Foster's Lady-Amber
Foster's Marchioness-Amber
Foster's Viscountess-Amber






2011-04-06 Foster's Amber-Diamond x Caro-Line's Courteous Chasseur
Foster's Black Diamond
Foster's Blue Diamond
Foster's Red Diamond
Foster's Green Diamond
Foster's Yellow Diamond
Foster's Pink Diamond
Foster's White Diamond



2011-03-17 Obladi's Lusty April x Shertonah Hit The Lights
Foster's April Sun
Foster's April Fun



2010-04-24 Foster's Corsa Von Akim x Foster's Sugar-Loaf
Foster's Sweet Taste
Foster's Sweet Dream
Foster's Sweet Sugar
Foster's Sweet Heart
Foster's Sweet Honey
Foster's Sweet Pea



2010-02-23 Foster's Frigg x Shertonah Hit The Lights
Foster's Starlight
Foster's Starfighter
Foster's Starmist
Foster's Stardust




2010-02-17 Foster's Ärtiga Märta x Foster's Chip
Foster's Black Bean
Foster's Green Bean
Foster's Red Bean
Foster's Purple Bean
Foster's White Bean


2009-05-19 Foster's Tigra Von Akim x Foster's Chip
Foster's Porsche Carrera
Foster's Thriumph Spitfire
Foster's Audi TT
Foster's Ferrari Enzo
Foster's Aston Martin
Foster's Blower Bently
Foster's Lotus Elise
Foster's Alfa Romeo


2008-01-17  Foster's Sugar-Sweet x Foster's Kadett Von Akim
Foster's Japp
foster's Daim
Foster's Pigalle
Foster's Tarragona
2007-12-07 Foster's Frigg x Foster's Chip
Foster's Chipson
Foster's Chippa
Foster's Chipara
Foster's Chippelina
Foster's Chipanda                                                             



2007-06-08 Litlbasi Lady Amber x Fagrellsīs Casper Holiday
Fosterīs  Amber-Spessartit 
Foster's Amber-Opal 
Foster's Amber-Hessonit 
Foster's Amber-Topaz 
Foster's Amber-Saphire                          
Foster's Amber-Citrin
Foster's Amber-Diamond
Foster's Amber-Apatit
Foster's Amber-Ametrin


2006-12-13 Fosterīs Frigg x Fosterīs Bungalow Kid
Fosterīs Modige Ruben
Fosterīs Tuffa Viktor
Fosterīs Ärtiga Märta
Fosterīs Fiffiga Sara



2005-10-20 Fosterīs My Best Friend x Golden Akim von Briwehbu
Fosterīs Admiral von Akim
Fosterīs Kadett von Akim
Fosterīs Tigra von Akim
Fosterīs Corsa von Akim
Fosterīs Astra von Akim
Fosterīs Vectra von Akim
Fosterīs Omega von Akim
Lochi - Exported to Australia, Kennel Shertonah


Celine - Exported to Australia, Kennel Shertonah
2005-07-16 Fosterīs Sweet Kiss x Yuriy
Fosterīs Sugar-Loaf
Fosterīs Sugar-Tongs
Fosterīs Sugar-Lump
Fosterīs Sugar-Cane
Fosterīs Sugar-Sweet
Fosterīs Sugar-Beet
Fosterīs Sugar-Candy
Fosterīs Sugar-Maple

2005-03-13 Fosterīs My Best Friend x Fosterīs Bungalow Kid
Fosterīs Super Kid
Fosterīs Special Kid
Fosterīs Black Kid
Fosterīs Dark Kid
Fosterīs Night Kid
Fosterīs Nice Kid
Fosterīs Best Kid
2004-05-11 Fosterīs Mosippa x Fosterīs Golden Sunny Boy
Fosterīs Swedish Boy
Fosterīs OīBoy
Fosterīs My Boy
Fosterīs Cool Boy
Exported to Australia, Kennel Litlbasi
2004-04-21 Fosterīs Sweet Kiss x Momaboīs Joyau Yves
Fosterīs Lumiére
Fosterīs Chip
Fosterīs Sultan
Fosterīs Mrs Teapot
Fosterīs Bell
Fosterīs Angelique

2003-12-12 Fosterīs My Best Friend x Little Red Sunshine Satisfaction
Fosterīs Balder
Fosterīs Oden
Fosterīs Ymer
Fosterīs Freja
Fosterīs Frigg
Fosterīs Idun

2003-10-31 Fosterīs Golden Hope x Champagne Dīor Tango
Fosterīs Guldkung
Fosterīs Guldvinst
Fosterīs Guldchans
Fosterīs Guldskatt
Fosterīs Guldklimp
Fosterīs Guldkorn
Fosterīs Guldkrona
Fosterīs Guldägg
2003-02-14 Fosterīs Akleja x Fosterīs Apricot Honey
Fosterīs Lilla Hjärta
Fosterīs Hjärter Dam
Fosterīs Hjärter Ess
2002-08-04 Fosterīs Yellow Lightning x Fosterīs Fire Fighter
Fosterīs Elddop
Fosterīs Eldfast
Fosterīs Eldfängd
Fosterīs Eldsjäl
2002-06-13 Fosterīs Akleja x Fosterīs Golden Sunny Boy
Fosterīs Viola Biflora
Fosterīs Viola Persicfolia
Fosterīs Viola Arvensis
Fosterīs Viola Palustris
Fosterīs Viola Riviniana
Fosterīs Viola Canina
2002-01-29 Fosterīs Holiday in Sunshine X Art Attack Stop and Kiss Me
Fosterīs Silent Kiss
Fosterīs Dream Kiss
Fosterīs Heavens Kiss
Fosterīs Misterious Kiss
Fosterīs Kiss Me Quick
Fosterīs Sweet Kiss

2001-07-20 Fosterīs Yellow Lightning x Racketeer Man in Black
Fosterīs Best Man
Fosterīs My Best Friend
Fosterīs Best Girl In The World
Fosterīs Best Wish From Sweden


Exported to Finland, Kennel Joinerīs Quality
2001-07-13 Fosterīs Golden Hope x Sunshine Presentation
Foster's Rúbus Fruticósus
Foster's Rúbus Árcticus
Foster's Rúbus Idaéus
Foster's Rúbus Chamaemórus
2001-01-20 Fosterīs Holiday In Sunshine x Fosterīs Bungalow Kid
Foster's James Grieve
Foster's Ingrid Marie
Foster's Signe Tillisch
2000-09-09 Fosterīs Akleja x Fosterīs Apricot Honey
Foster's Lupin
Foster's Kamomill
Foster's Förgätmigej
Foster's Blåsippa
Foster's Backsippa
Foster's Gulsippa
Foster's Mosippa
2000-02-09 Fosterīs Akleja x Fosterīs Golden Sunny Boy
Foster's Cosmos Bipinnatus
Foster's Commelina Tuberosa
Foster's Clarkia Elegans
Foster's Craspedia Globosa
Foster's Carthamus Tinctorius
Foster's Cleome Hassleriana
Foster's Calendula Officinalis
1999-06-14 Fosterīs The Sherwood Marion x Fosterīs Golden Sunny Boy
Foster's Hugin
Foster's Munin
1998-06-24 Fosterīs The Sherwood Marion x Sunshine Presentation
Foster's A Sunshine Story
Foster's You Are My Sunshine
Foster's Holiday In Sunshine

1997-08-11 Fosterīs Popcorn For Tweedledee x Sunshine Presentation
Foster's Golden Sunny Boy
Foster's Happy Sunny Boy
Foster's Yellow Sunny Boy
Foster's Sweet Sunny Girl
1997-04-20 Fosterīs Lady In Black x Fosterīs Orion
Foster's Dark King
Foster's Dark Queen
Foster's Dark Princess
Foster's Dark Hope
Foster's Golden Queen
Foster's Golden Princess
Foster's Golden Hope
Foster's Golden Star


1997-03-21Fosterīs The Sherwood Marion x Dandy-lionīs Earth Wind And Fire
Foster's Fire Fighter
Foster's Fire Storm
Foster's Fire Blossom
1997-03-08 Fosterīs Red Fox x Onyxis Bungalow Bill
Foster's Bungalow Kid
Foster's Bungalow Annie
Foster's Bungalow Sally
1996-07-03 Fosterīs Dressed In Apricot x Onyxis Yellow Submanne
Foster's Yellow Star
Foster's Yellow Moon
Foster's Yellow Lightning
Foster's Yellow Sun
Foster's Yellow Shine
1995-11-23 Fosterīs The Sherwood Marion x Onyxis Bungalow Bill
Foster's Stormhatt
Foster's Riddarsporre
Foster's Akleja
1995-11-14 Fosterīs The One And Only x Pax Mariae Caesar Julius
Foster's Leo
Foster's Orion
Foster's Hercules
Foster's Aquarius
Foster's Pegasus
Foster's Pheonix
Foster's Andromeda
Foster's Cassiopeia
Foster's Hydra
1995-08-11 Fosterīs Red Fox x Twee-Dle-Dee Thor Modén
Foster's Mr Apricot
Foster's Apricot Is Beauty
Foster's Popcorn For Tweedledee
Foster's Lady Lotta In Black
Foster's Moonlight
Foster's Magic Night
Foster's Black Is Black
1995-02-14 Twee-Dle-Dee Spanish Pepper x Farday Povorotti
Foster's Henry Higgins
Foster's Eliza Doolittle
Foster's My Fair Lady
1994-01-07 Foster's Tropical Flower x Rusch Min Ingvar Vittfarne
Foster's Fiosok
Foster's Lill-Klippen
Foster's Labbe
Foster's Sturkas
Foster's Knotas
Foster's Mattis
Foster's Borka
Foster's Birk
Foster's Ronja
Foster's Lovis
Foster's Undis
Foster's Lia
1994-01-06 Twee-Dle-Dee Julia Ceasar x Rusch Min Ingvar Vittfarne
Foster's Black Money
Foster's Black Surprise
Foster's Black Jack
Foster's Apricot Honey
Foster's Apricot Man
Foster's Apricot Lady
Foster's Lady In Black
Foster's Black Beauty
Foster's Dressed In Apricot
1993-03-25 Foster's The One And Only x Rusch Min Ingvar Vittfarne
Foster's Red Baron
Foster's Dressed In Red
Foster's Red Fox
Foster's Red Head
Foster's Lady In Red
Foster's Red Light
1993-03-19 Twee-Dle-Dee Spanish Pepper x Red Rascal Robin Hood
Foster's Romeo Of Shakespeare
Foster's Hamlet Of Shakespeare
Foster's Othello Of Shakespeare
Foster's Timon Of Shakespeare
Foster's Antonius Of Shakespeare
Foster's Prospero Of Shakespeare
Foster's Julia Of Shakespeare
Foster's Ofelia Of Shakespeare
1992-07-02 Twee-Dle-Dee Julia Ceasar x Red Rascal Robin Hood
Foster's The Sherwood Robin Hood
Foster's The Sherwood Will Scarlet
Foster's The Sherwood John Little
Foster's The Sherwood Marion
Foster's The Sherwood Fanny
1991-08-05 Twee-Dle-Dee Spanish Pepper x Vicmars Typically Tropical
Foster's Tropical Night
Foster's Tropical Heat
Foster's Tropical Sun
Foster's Tropical Summer
Foster's Tropical Flower
Foster's Tropical Wind
1991-02-02 Twee-Dle-Dee Spanish Pepper x  Chatain Australian Made
Foster's The One And Only
1990-01-29 Twee-Dle-Dee Spanish Pepper x Chatain Australian Made
Foster's Dragon
Foster's Koriander
Foster's Kapris
Foster's Basilika
Foster's Timjan
Foster's Rosmarin